Tips in Selecting the Perfect Hair Color Based on Your Skin Tone 

In terms of selecting the perfect hair color, one of the main aspects upon determining which hue will suit you best is your skin tone. Since your hair can be found next to your face, it’s vital to choose the perfect shade that can make you look years younger and make your skin glow. For you to easily figure out your skin tone and eventually pick the best-customized hair color that will highlight your complexion, you may follow this easy guide: 


Determine your skin tone first 

To know the undertones of your complexion, try looking at the top of your hands or observe your wrist. If you see either purple or blue veins, that’s a sign that you have a cool skin tone. If the peeking veins seem to look greenish, then you have warm skin undertones. However, when you can see both of them, your skin tone is neutral. 

Looking for the ideal hair color match 

Now that you already know the undertones of your skin, choose a shade of hair color that can accentuate all of the best features in your face. Professional colorists from the best hair salon Raleigh NC recommend the rule of thumb that says: The hair color tone you choose should be the opposite of your skin undertone. If you need more insights about this, consult with your preferred hair colorist today for some help.  

Dark skin tones’ best hair color 

The key is to strike the perfect contrast between your hair colors and your skin complexion. The last thing you need to get is a hair color that matches your skin. If you do this, your features will most likely disappear. When your skin is golden or warm, beautiful shades of copper or mahogany can bring out the warmness in your skin. On the other hand, if you got a cooler skin tone, emphasize your pinky-blue skin undertone with rich blacks, icy dark browns, or cool red browns.   

Cool skin tones’ best hair color 

If you have pretty fair skin and cooler undertones, you need to pick a hair color tone that can help reduce any redness in your skin. Golden or warm color tones will look flattering on light skin with a complexion with a lot of red, blue, or pink undertones. Meaning, go for natural brunettes, warm reds, or golden blondes that will aid in counterbalancing your pinkish skin tone while complementing your face at the same time.  

For warmer undertones (consider hints of orange or yellow), your ideal hair color must provide your skin a natural and healthy-looking flush. To achieve this, go for hies that are ashy, cool, or have reddish tones, such as rich browns, cool beige-brown, golden copper, and strawberry blondes. 

Your ideal customer is just a few steps away. However, knowing your skin tone first is essential so that the hues you opt for can highlight and complement your greatest facial assets.